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Depression causes & Types

Depression can be described in terms of a physical imbalance in the brain which may cause, or be caused by various psychological conditions. The physical imbalance refers to an abnormally high or low level of hormones in the brain. These ...

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Cognitive Therapy for Depression – The Facts

Depression is a mood condition in which the person experiences extreme melancholy. While there are various ways to address depression, one of the most common therapies for this disorder is cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is a form of psychotherapy which ...

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The Sweetest Secret for Chocolate Lovers

The Sweetest Secret for Chocolate Lovers Many years after the first chocolate was introduced to the Spanish monarchy and failed to steal their approval, Cortez dared to present then King Charles V with the newfound harvest from the New World ...

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How to Deal With tension and stress

Living in stressful circumstances means that a person-environment dealings finally the individual to perceive a disagreement, between the demands of a situation and the resources, powers of the . Such condition exists until a individual gets what he needs. The ...

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Treating Depression: What You Need To Know

Depression could be addicting especially when the feeling of loneliness stimulates the person’s level of creativity. Some experts believe that there’s a possibility that a person can intensify their ingenuity by triggering negative emotions. If this may be true then ...

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