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Understanding Stress in a better way


Stress can be described as the body’s natural mechanism to protect itself which could be equated to as an internal security system. This is often described as something negative which hampers an individual’s physical and mental well being. But if ...

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Get to know anxiety better


By anxiety we mean, a state of being highly aware as well as alert. The definition given to this term varies from one institution to another. This is a problem that hunts down many individuals of today. It is a ...

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Problem associated with low self-esteem


Before going into details of how one can overcome low self-esteem, you first need to understand what actually low self-esteem is. Low self-esteem is a problem which affects many people and it basically means not thinking too highly of one’s ...

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There must be a better way

protein for fitness plan

Generally, for bipolar patients, the doctor will administer an SSRI, mood stabilizer, an anti-anxiety drug as well as, a sedative all at the same time. This is standard practice. But let us stop and think about that. Theoretically, an SSRI ...

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Overcoming issues with low self-esteem


It can be said that it’s a chain of negative actions or incidents that lead one to low self-esteem issues. In many cases, a single incident will be just about enough to trigger this chain reaction. If you feel like ...

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Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder


What is manic depression? Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is classified as a type of affective disorder or mood disorder that goes beyond ordinary ups and downs of the day, and is a serious medical illness and a ...

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Top 10 Unexpected Facts About Dreams


For many of us, mornings can be very traumatic. When it’s time to work, we suddenly need some sleep, even if we were rolling all night. In the following lines, I will share some of the top 10 unexpected facts ...

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