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How To Choose The Best Breville Juicer For Your Needs?

Now that you have decided to choose the Breville Brand for your Juicer, you will need to find out which one you would like to purchase.

1 – Price is an obvious factor when determining which one you choose. Breville has a wide selection of Juicers ranging from approximately $100 to $600 depending what you need.

2 – You might need to purchase a Juicer that is lightweight so will define your search to the lightest of juicers that will not be too heavy to pick up and clean. Breville offers this at quite a reasonable price.

3 – If you are attempting to put in large pieces of fruit or vegetables into the chute you may opt for a juicer that has a larger feed. In the more expensive versions the option of having a large chute is very appealing and the ability to avoid chopping your fruit and vegetables into small chunks is an added bonus and time saving feature.

4 – Size is important if you have a dedicated space in either your kitchen or your cupboards. If size is important Breville also offers a wide selection so you will find a juicer that will fit right in.

5 – If you want your juicer to not only make great fruit juice and want blending capabilities then opt for a more expensive version. Breville Juicers at the top of the range can make smoothies and cocktails relatively easy and will be able to do a multitude of things. This is quite handy if you are a frequent user and you like to make all sorts of drinks. Expect to pay in the region of $400 for these options.

6 – If you want a wider selection of speeds then opt for a more robust Breville Juicer. This will ensure you can make your drinks super fast.

7 – An added feature of the top line of Breville Juicers is a safety lock mechanism. Beneficial if other members of the family use the juicer.

8 – You also may need to choose a larger jug capacity due to making more drinks for your family or friends.

All of the Breville Juicers also have the following added features which help to make your choice easier.

1 – Breville Juicers are extremely easy to use and take only a few seconds to operate. Simply put in the fruit and vegetables and start the process of extraction. The juice is produced, the waste is disposed of and the operation is finished.

2 – All Breville Juicers are very easy to clean. They dismantle quickly and are able to be put in the dishwasher. This is a very good feature.

3 – Another thing found in all Breville Juicers is the Juice Extractors which discard the pulp into a collection basket ready for disposal. This is a great and efficient feature to make cleaning up a breeze.

4 – A common feature that Breville Juicers have is their Micro Mesh Filters which help to extract up to 30% more juice.

As you can see there are many things to consider when choosing a Breville Juicer. There is a Juicer that will benefit your needs. Bret Lee

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